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The price for our piercings does include the jewelry used. We use surgical stainless steel jewelry that is presterilized. We will not accept customer provided jewelry to pierce with.
Our piercing prices are $20, $30, and $50
$20 piercings include:
nose, septum, tongue, lip (snake, spider, or angel bites $40), webbing, smiley, eyebrow, bridge, bellybutton, and nipple ($40 for both)
Ear piercings are $20 per hole this includes lobes, rook, daith, midway, conch, tragus, anti-tragus, forward helix, and helix.
$30 piercings include:
microdermal, industrial, orbital, and cheek dimple($60 for both)
It is $50 for female genital(vaginal) piercings.
We do not perform any unusual tongue piercings, dermals on hands or fingers, or any piercing we feel will not heal by an individual case. We will not perform any nipple or genital piercings on anyone under the age of 18.
We do not offer refunds, once you have paid you have agreed to get your piercing or forfeit your money.

No appointment is needed, walk-ins welcome!

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